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Deadpixels is the brainchild of Boston-based producer and musician Andrew Pentz. Aside from achieving considerable success in Boston's GB scene as one of the founding members of The 1999 and The Sons of Businessmen, Pentz has spent the better part of two decades honing his unique production style with some of the area's most notable industry professions. The Deadpixels project marks the artist's entrance into New England's eclectic indie-music scene and showcases Pentz's production chops and performance capabilities refined by years of live performance. Full of lush, synthesizer-driven arrangements and punctuated by tasteful live instrumentation and powerful vocal performances, Deadpixels' self-titled debut pulls strongly from classic electronic rock acts of the late 90's and early 2000s. Rather than simply being a musical artist and producer, Deadpixels remains open to outside collaborations and commercial content generation of all kinds, and continues to gain momentum as one of Boston’s rising stars in the musical community.

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